Art Center Los Angeles (ACLA) is registered 501 (c) (3), federal non-profit, artist-run mini-museum, library, editions-producer, and project organizer. Officially founded in 2009, our mission is to educate, inspire, and connect Los Angeles communities with contemporary art.

Apart from providing an innovative platform to showcase, discuss and create art, the Center works with artists and members to put together unique events and performances, touring and virtual exhibitions, artist residencies, off-site installations, collection tours, research resources and a variety of philanthropic functions. Committed to innovative approaches to contemporary curation and community education, we are also working to develop a pioneering program of classes and workshops, expand our collection and library, and build our mobile contemporary art museum.

The Space
The ACLA space, now on Pico Boulevard, in Historic Pic-Fair District of Los Angeles, is a forum for both established and emerging artists to come together and discuss, create, and exhibit interesting and exciting works. As opposed to traditional and commercial art galleries, the Center's focus will be academic in nature, in that will strive to initiate dialogue and incubate new movements and remain committed to showcasing a diversity of interesting and innovative work from a variety of media.

The Center is a place for the creative and curious to come together to learn, ideate, collaborate, get inspired and have fun. ACLA members receive access to a wide range of digital libraries, archives, databases, reference tools, tutorials, classes, periodicals, scholarly materials, and remain connected through artist directories, events, parties, job postings and updates on upcoming local projects and collaboration opportunities.

ACLA will also provide a vibrant new educational resource to Los Angeles residents, working with educators and established professionals to offer low-cost classes (which will be free, or at reduced rates, for members) to help members of the community refine the skills necessary to succeed in their creative careers. Courses and programs range from drawing and painting to instruction in web design, Creative Suite, film editing, as well as any other subjects members of Art Center display interest in.

Artist Editions
In an effort to support the ACLA, many artists have donated works for the ACLA Editions Project. This project has not only helped to get both artists and members involved, but also serves as an outstanding platform for young art enthusiasts to not only support the ACLA, but to also begin their very own contemporary art collections.

Arts Education Outreach
In addition to the classes offered at the main ACLA building, the Center has received the generous donation of a 28" air stream, which is in the process of being renovated into the mobile branch of ACLA. This museum on wheels will feature small, truly traveling exhibitions and be accompanied by artists and educators as it travel to cultural events, local schools and recreation centers to be enjoyed by students and members of the community.

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